5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home

March 8, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

Having bed bugs at home is a nightmare as they are the kind of pest that you cannot eliminate easily. Once they come to your house, they make it their permanent abode and are not ready to move out.

It is unfortunate to note that not many people know how to recognize and eliminate these bugs. Yes, most people do not know of methods they can employ to avoid bed bugs from infecting their home.

You can easily prevent these pests from becoming a nuisance to you by doing certain things. Here are some of the tactics that you can follow to become alert and stop this bug from entering or growing in your house.

  • Inspect The Furniture

It is crucial for you to check the furniture periodically. You need to see if you can see any signs of bed bugs on it. Bugs prefer to live on the mattresses. But, it does not mean, they will avoid other places. They can also breed on furniture as well as on the cracks and crevices.

By doing frequent checks, you will easily find the bugs that are staying on the furniture. Hence, this is something that you should plan on doing more frequently. It is easy to locate them on the mattress as there are dark black spots all around the edges.

The moment you notice this, you should become alert. Use a professional company that does help control them. Any bed bug control Seattle will have the experience and expertise to eliminate the bugs from your home or office space.

  • The Hotel Rooms

Many people are tired after a long journey. Once they get inside the hotel room, they want to relax. They do not check the place to see if it is clean and tidy. It is good to check for any signs these insects on the mattress. Only after doing a thorough check, you need to take the room. If you notice that the bed bugs have infected the place, you should plan on asking for another room or move to another hotel. Always stay in hotels that have a good name and reputation.

  • Check Your Pets

Bed bugs can also stay on your pet dog or cat. It is wise to check them periodically to see if they are becoming a breeding place for these pests. Besides treating them, you should also examine other portions of the house to see if they have spread across. Take the help of professional pest control teams to assist you.

  • Understand The Signs Of Bed Bugs

The Internet is full of resources that can help us to educate ourselves and to identify things. Spend some time on the net to learn about the signs of the bed bugs. Once you familiarize yourself with this subject, you need to look out for the same in your house. Do it often, so that you can trace and remove them from your place when they are less in numbers.

  • Buying Second Hand Furniture

Second-hand furniture is cheap and affordable. But, you should be careful when you are picking one as they might be harboring the eggs of bed bugs. Inspect and treat them with insecticide spray before taking them at your place.