3D Wooden House Plans

3D Wooden House Plans

January 19, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

We all love those little wooden logs and cottages where you can spend a great weekend and enjoy with the people you love. But we all don’t have a chance to live in a house like this or to go there and spend an end of the week in a house placed in the mountain. Something that we can do is to take a look in the photos here.

That’s why my task for today is to give you a few 3D wooden house plans and to let you take a look in the inside of the houses. Come on, take a look in the photos and see what means to live in a beautiful wooden cottages!

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The exterior look of a wooden log

The exterior part of the wooden houses/logs is splendid and nice looking. but how should we know if the interior is also looking the same. Go to the second photo from this post and see about the interior design.

wooden log house
Photo via www.cgstudio.com

Amazing 3D wooden house plan for house with 2 floor

The first floor of this house is hidden but let’s see in short what we have on the second floor. On the second floor we have two balconies which doesn’t mean that we can copy for our wooden home, but we can use this place for living in and for rooms organization.

house plans
Photo via www.justdial.com

Wooden house design idea

Some people simply want to enjoy in these houses and they just arrange the first floor for living in. But what are they doing on their second or third floor? Well, hee they create a seating area that will be relaxing for every family.

3D house plans
Photo via www.frontporch.club

Perfect organization of the rooms in the house with two floors

Make smart organization for smart way of living, for example use this photo as your example and copy the organization. Use the corners for adding bath there or maybe balcony. Take a look in the photo now and think carefully about the design.

modern home in 3D
Photo via www.casasprefabricadasya.com

Modern idea of wooden log organization

And what about balcony areas placed on the top of the wooden logs and houses? If this is the hing that you are dreaming for all the time, take a look in the photo now.

modern house plan
Photo via www.rj-sitaal-projects-pvt-ltd.business.site

Wood house in reality

there is no person who don’t want to enjoy in the wooden houses and to spend great time there. But before enjoynment, we need to take care for good organization like I mentioned in the photos previously.

wooden house
Photo via www.vikepicx.pw

Check the dimension of the house

Make sure that your future house place will have the best dimensions of the rooms. Scroll down and see these dimensions and see if it’s this the house you need.

modern floor plan
Photo via www.antalyarealestate1.com

I hope that our house plans took your attention away and you will try to copy the organization, of course, if you have a wooden house.