34 Days to The Most Amazing Month – December

34 Days to The Most Amazing Month – December

October 27, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

The weather outside is so hot so we can’t say that is Fall because usually, we see rain and cold period in these days. This year, the weather surprised us and we still enjoy late summer days. We still walk outside wearing a t-shirt with short sleeves and enjoy sitting outdoors. But, every STAR has an ENd so slowly but surely comes the end of this year 2019 and starts the new year 2020. It stays only 34 days to the most amazing month of the year – month December. More about this month we will write hereinafter in this post so I hope that we succeed to appeal your attention for sure and you will read the full text.

I think that after checking this post we can start counting the days for the most magical period of the year. December we are waiting for you!!!

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December is the month when we decorate the Christmas tree

The reason why people love this month is that we decorate the Christmas tree and do other decors at home. The home is one thing but also the other thing is when you walk in the street you can see how people are happy, how there are walking Santa Clauses around, everyone is singing, Ho, ho ho. It’s the Christmas Magic dear friends!!! It’s December!!!

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Unicorn Christmas tree for the little ones

Once when we will finish the decor with the Christmas tree we should decorate the tree to ur little ones. this is an example of making little children’s Christmas unicorn tree. This is great idea for those who have children and want to make some surprise for them in the most special period form the year.

unicorn Christmas tree
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Reuse the ladder for making Christmas tree at home

The wooden ladder can be reused for different things at home but this is something that we should all try to make it in our home place. I’m talking about the Christmas tree that we can make for short period and do it in an easy way. Sorry to tell you that this is the last photo from this post with hope that you will keep following us in the near future and wait for our next post.

Christmas tree
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