17 Awesome Ideas How To Use Old Wine Barrel

17 Awesome Ideas How To Use Old Wine Barrel

June 18, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Giving a life to old stuff, instead of throwing them is very ecological and valuable. For example – wine barrel. With a little bit creativity and hand work you can transform them into dog houses, planters, tables, sinks, chairs, garden bench etc. There are different ways that people use old wine barrels to decorate their home or outdoors.
If you want to give them a different look, you can paint them in white, black, brown or just leave it that way. When you give them the final look, they can look very stylish and antic.
Use your imagination, make some interesting and useful things and this will help you to have more self esteem. Your friends and family will be proud of you!
We prepare for you 11 fantastic ideas how to use old wine barrel so take a look at this galery!

1. Barrel Planter

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2. Wine Rack

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3. Barrel Bathroom Storage


4. Wine Barrel Bed For Pets


5. Fountain From Barrel

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6. Wine Barrel Ice Chest


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7. Wall Mirror Made By Wine Barrel


8. A wine Barrel Transformed in Sink


9. Garden Bench


10. Wine Barrel TableĀ 




11. Adirondack Chair


12. Wine Barrel Sink

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13. Wine Barrel Fire Pit


14. Wine Barrel Bar


15. Kitchen Island


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16. Wine Barrel As A Dog Bed

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17. Wine Barrel Planter