10 quick tricks for better photography

10 quick tricks for better photography

March 4, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Photography is the leading hobby worldwide and capturing amazing photos will make you proud as photographer both aspirants and professionals. Capturing good photos needs some tricks and patience. Here are 10 quick tricks for better photography.


The first important thing is to think about your photography, you can imagine in your head before you catch. Once you fully imagine the photo you want to do, start to go systematically to achieve imagined. Be patient. Sometimes it can happen to wait a few weeks while you catch the perfect shot.

Use a wide-angle lens

Try to use wide-angle lenses if you want to leave the impression with the size of what you shoot. While you can shoot landscapes with different lenses, prospects would be best if you use wide-angle lens because it will allow greater viewing angle.

Sharp objects

Sharp details in the image attract the eyes of viewers to correct the matter. Use effects of sharpening available in the appendix Adobe Camera RAW, which can complete a great job , especially last version has significant improvements over previous .

 Clean background

The background can make or ruin your image, so be careful what you choose as a background for your subject. The background should be clean, simple and uncluttered. Think of what should be the focus of the viewer.

Never can have too many clouds

Photo via www.emorfes.com

Photo via www.emorfes.com

Use the clouds on a blue background to produce dramatic skies. This time is also perfect to do portraits or shooting waterfalls and rivers with the effect of blurring the motion (motion blur).

Behind every good standing is the sun

Position the standing in the sun so be back and the sunlight falling on your subject. Unless you try to do art photography from the sun, it should always be behind you.

Light traces

Make good urban photographs in terms of early dawn or late at night with light trails. Use the moving vehicles or any source of light floating to add a beauty, mood and drama in your photos. To make this image, you need to set the camera on a tripod, set a long exposure and possibly use a remote control to achieve a more accurate result. These photos are a favorite of many.


The key to shooting silhouettes is clean and bright background. Just place your subject in the foreground so that you get clean, sharp lines and click.

 From top to bottom

Photo via www.nytimes.com

Photo via www.nytimes.com

Look up, then down and eventually explore everything that lies between. They make very good photos from every angle, including the most unexpected. Sometimes we focus too much on what is obviously missing and what is so special and simple.

Action Photos

Photo via www.noupe.com

Photo via www.noupe.com

Unless you try to do action photos or a series of images that show how an object changes over time, try to do less photos. Do not shoot all the time, expecting that something good will comes out later that you can repair processing. Consider, to set and adjust the frame for your photo. When you are ready, press the button. This will develop better instincts will save much of your time that you otherwise spend to process hundreds imperfect photos.