10 Causes of Feeling Off-Balance and Dizzy

10 Causes of Feeling Off-Balance and Dizzy

May 16, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

We have all sometimes have that feeling off-balance and DIZZY, which sometimes shouldn’t scare us and it’s normal. But, sometimes should be a sign that we should call our doctor. Don’t worry and read our post to make things clear. In this post, we will write which are the reasons that cause this dizziness so stay with us and read it.

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1. Spinning around quickly give you the feeling off-balance

This is already know to us even we were a kids and spinning so fast with our friends bu holding our hands. When stopping you feel dizzy. It’s very normal to feel like this.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy and blood loss can be also the reason for feeling off-balance. Make a pregnancy test or call your doctor to be sure of this. If the test is positive, congratualtions!

3. Standing up too fast

when you stand up or even sit up too fast, you can have this feeling. Control yourself, calm down and slow donw!

4.Motion sickness

Motions sickness also causes dizziness and this happens when you are a long time in-car driving. Also, happens the same when you are in a boat, airplane, or some other vehicle.

5. Migraine

It can be simple headache. The research says that even 30-50 % of people have this type of migraine, in the USA.

6. Low blood pressure

The next reason and cause can the blood pressure. Those who have low blood pressure try to increase it by drinking coffee so they drink the coffee and increase it. After few hours the pressure gets low even than before. Did you knew this fact?

7. Fatigue

You slept just a few hours, went to work and after coming you have no time to sleep. Well, this fatigue will destroy you and you need to sleep enough.

8. Irregular heartbeat will make you feeling off-balance

The next cause for feeling dizzy is irregular heart beating or some cardiovascular disease.

9. Low blood sugar

By consuming alcohol and having low blood sugar you can either feel dizzy. Take some sugar intake to go back in normal.

10. Ear disease

The last cause we have to share with you is to have some inner ear infection. If you often feel dizzy and have none of the previous symptoms maybe this is the reason you feel like that.

ADVICE: Get enough sleep, get rest, stop your diet regime, and eat regular healthy food filled with minerals and vitamins, avoid too much coffee per day. Avoid stress and problems, if it’s possible. Only in this way, you will be able to maintain your balance.

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