10 Asian Exotic Food

10 Asian Exotic Food

February 14, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Asia is rich of wide range of cuisine, from sweet ,spicy, sour and bitter. The food here is diverse that it  makes your taste buds ask for more. There is Korean BBQ,  Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken, Fried Rice and dumplings are just some of the tasty Asian cuisines.
But have you ever try to eat something unusual?. There are also numbers of exotic food in Asia that makes it famous. Exotic because it is unusual foods you never think can be eaten.
Will you dare to try one of this Asian exotic food? Eating  this food will require high level of guts and the sense of wild adventure!.

Deep Fried Grasshoppers — Thailand


 Deep Fried Seahorse and Scorpions — China


Balut (Duck Embryo that is Boiled alive) — Philippines


Fried Star Fish —  China


Deep Fried Bats — Indonesia


Mealworms — Thailand


Fried Tarantula — Cambodia


Fried Bee Larvae — China & Japan


Fried Crickets — China


Raw Monkey Brain — China